Deep-seated in a Pizza Restaurant is a Dream to Create
the Place to Spread Smiles Around the World

“Hey, why don’t we build a pizza oven in the backyard?”

The founder’s girlfriend said to him one day, and in an attempt to make her wish come true,
he gathered his friends at his home in Tokyo and decided to build a pizza oven.
This was the very beginning of Pizza 4P’s.

The group of friends, whose jobs spanned across different fields,
summoned every weekend, got muddy and dirty like kids,
and built the pizza oven with their hands. It took them nearly 6 months to complete the project.

Once the pizza oven was made, the party began.

Friends invited friends, and the party revolved around the pizza oven.
Everyone made their original pizzas and shared them with others,
and got excited about whose pizza tasted the best.

The magic of pizza and the pizza oven instantly brought everyone closer.
People connecting, and putting smiles on their faces.

Pizza came out of Italy and evolved into a variety of forms and styles,
and it has become a beloved dish all over the world.
It has transcended borders, age and gender,
and is now be loved by so many.
The founder and his friends fell in love with the simple, free, and versatile dish.

“Making hearts richer and spreading happiness around the world could begin from something as small as this.”

In 2011, fascinated with the country of Vietnam, and with fond memories of the backyard pizza oven back in Tokyo,
the founder made the decision to create a place to spread smiles in the world.

“Why don’t we start a pizza restaurant in Vietnam?”

He gathered his friends and embarked on the journey if realizing his dream.

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